About Leading Matters

Welcome to Leading Matters!
Founded in 2002 by Leigh Stafford, Leading Matters Pty Ltd has evolved into a unique company specialising in customer engagement and partnership for enhanced relationships, retention and loyalty. As 3rd party conversational interview specialists, our role is to discover how and where your customers are connected with you and your business and to work with you to strengthen and cement those relationships. “Making sure your customers stay with you and never want to leave” remains our ultimate goal.

Originally a one-woman band, with one simple offering, Leading Matters now offers a range of services to help with engagement, partnership, retention and loyalty. In 2010, Jeff Travers formally joined Leading Matters as our Director of Consulting. Together with our Business Co-ordinator, Benita Keatley, our Virtual Head of Technology, David Stafford, we form “Team Leading Matters.” In the spirit of partnership, many of our clients have made significant contributions to the direction, growth and development of our company. We appreciate and acknowledge their input to our continuous improvement efforts.

In the competitive world of business, innovative ways of staying ahead are always being sought. Leading Matters believes that the fundamental reasons for why people “do” business together has remained very much the same. Despite great advances in technology, the interrelated human aspects “like” and “trust” and “first -class service” still underpin customer retention and loyalty.

Customer retention is one marker of having earned loyalty. It is the quality of the engagement and the strength of the strategic partnership that provides the opportunity to cement relationships and earn loyalty.