Client Engagement & Partnership Development Program

Developing 2-way strategic partnerships, especially with your key customers, is based on a formal engagement model where the aim is to mutually benefit. This is a bespoke program where we work with you to design and implement a client engagement model to fit your business and to provide you with the greatest win-win partnerships imaginable.

Typically, the Client Engagement and Partnership Development Program is developed post the Customer Insight & Loyalty Review or Post Project Review Projects.

The model is developed consultatively with you and we support you to embed the program with your key customers.

What are the benefits & value to you?

  1. Engaging across yours and the client’s companies so that the relationship is owned by the company, not just the “account manager”
  2. Exchanging strategic information between you and your key clients so you have more opportunity to identify new opportunities to improve both your businesses
  3. Developing relationships based on mutual trust and openness
  4. Building relationships, not delivery models
  5. Mutual understanding
  6. Early intervention of any issues enabling effective resolution
  7. Working together to improve each other’s business…a real partnership!

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