How to Employ the Right People

At last! A tested and proven model to provide you with the processes and templates you can use over and over again! We give you the training – so you can take control!
*A practical guide for small businesses who do their own recruitment, interviewing, or both.


  • A documented process with procedures and templates to fit your business
  • Interview questions to find out who a potential employee is, not just what they can do so you can find out if they are the right fit for your organisation
  • The assistance, advice and support you need to put YOU in charge of the employment process with the confidence and tools to get it right every time
  • Savings! Fees to agencies, staff training costs and wages to staff that you neither need nor want in your organisation, can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars
  • Your initial investment in our process is one-off and is yours to use over and over again.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify what you need so you can get who you need
  • Create advertisements to attract the right people
  • Conduct excellent interviews enabling interviewees to shine
  • Select the best person
  • Manage the process in-house!

“Using this system has improved our selection process ten-fold and it is fail-safe. The quality of our staff is improving progressively and we have established a great working environment and team. As a result of this our business and profitability has also improved…
Joe Caprara, General Manager Preston Hire, Williamstown VIC 3016

* Please note: Leading Matters is not a recruitment agency. We respectfully acknowledge the excellent work done by some outstanding recruitment agencies and consultants.

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