Services Overview

Third party conversational interview specialists here to assist you with:


Customer Insight & Loyalty Reviews

Best for when you need honest in-depth feedback and insight – especially from your key customers. Helps to strengthen relationships, informs your strategic planning and improvement processes. This flagship program assesses retention strategies, loyalty, fosters win-win partnerships and promotes sticky customer bases.

Post Project Reviews

When you need to keep your finger on your customer’s pulse as a project is completed, immediate honest and in-depth feedback is essential. Designed to make sure everything is on-track for retention, loyalty, cross-selling and referral opportunities. This is particularly relevant for first engagements or one-off projects that you’d like more of!

Differentiator Discovery Program

When you need to know your competitive advantage, you need to know how you differ from the rest! Develop your marketing plans, websites, proposals and tenders with confidence that you are speaking your customer’s language. Discovering your strengths builds employee morale, informs your marketing strategies and helps you leave your competition in your wake. Please note: The Differentiator Discovery Program are included in both Customer Insight and Loyalty Reviews and Post Project Reviews.

Just Brilliant Testimonials – BTs®

When you need word of mouth in writing and on steroids, this is the social proof you need. BTs® are genuine, credible, fully attributed testimonials that support your claims and provide marketing collateral for your website, tender documents, proposals and brochures. Please Note: Our BTs® service is available as part of all programs above.

Collaborative Case Studies

When your clients tell the story of your engagement and the solutions provided, your credibility soars. Client interview-based case studies are compiled in collaboration with your clients to showcase the benefits of doing business with you and credible, evidenced based marketing material is the result.

Client Engagement & Partnership Development Program

When the aim is having two-way strategic partnerships with your key clients, developing a formal engagement model ensures mutual benefit. We work with you to design and implement a client engagement model to fit your business.

Consulting Services

Leading Matters specialises in anything to do with strengthening relationships in business. Collaborative consulting is available to leaders and their teams in pursuit of improvement.

Self-Awareness & Development

Using the MBTI® to provide a comprehensive assessment of individual preferences, the Leading Matters Personality Insight Programme provides in-depth personal and professional development for individual and teams.

How to Employ the Right People

At last! A tested and proven model to provide you with the processes and templates you can use over and over again! We give you the training – so you can take control!
*A practical guide for small businesses who do their own recruitment, interviewing, or both.