Differentiator Discovery Program

Discovering what your strengths are according to your customers reveals your differentiators! Leverage this insight to build employee morale, inform your marketing strategies and leave your competition in your wake!

In a competitive business world, knowing why your customers chose you and stay with you is critical information needed to understand what your differentiators are. Understanding your customer’s language; how they found you; what they say about you to others and the way they say it has the power to inform your SEO strategies too!

Consultation: Firstly, we work with you to understand your business, your aspirations and the services and/or products you provide. This is especially important for us to be fully informed when interviewing your customers and to recognise potential cross-selling and referral opportunities for you.

Collaboration: We engage with your clients as 3rd party interview specialists to gain an in-depth understanding of their positive experiences with your services/products and performance.

What are the benefits & value to you?

  1. Impressed Customers: We work to ensure they appreciate that you care about their opinion and perspectives
  2. A professional and detailed report of your strengths and differentiators plus recommendations for your consideration
  3. Experienced and Professional customer retention and loyalty strategists interviewing your customers and working in your best interests – always
  4. We’ll seek to get you Brilliant testimonials – BTs®! This is the best way for you to differentiate your business from your competitors! When your customers tell their story about the solution your business provided, that’s powerful testimony to your work. You can use your testimonials we get for you to back up your claims because you have authentic, credible and indisputable evidence that highlights their ROI
  5. We keep you top-of-mind and one-of-a-kind with your customers through-out the process. This helps with repeat business and referral opportunities.

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