Self-Awareness & Development

Personality Insight Programme

Using the MBTI® to provide a comprehensive assessment of individual preferences, the Leading Matters Personality Insight Programme provides in-depth personal and professional development for individual and teams.

Three key Benefits:

  • Increases self-awareness & improves communication
  • Improves interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enhances personal and professional relationships

Program participants learn about:

  • typical communication patterns and the effects of these on others
  • what motivates them and how they motivate others
  • how others view their interpersonal effectiveness
  • some potential barriers to their effectiveness
  • Insights about their skills that they rarely share
  • effects of stress on behaviour and how it may be perceived by others
  • their capacity for creativity
  • preferred strategies for relating, learning and working
  • “blind spots – behaviours others see that one doesn’t necessarily see in themselves
  • how to use Type® to identify and implement personal, professional and team development strategies.
  • Intralink Financial Services

    “Sensational, well delivered and we will find it very useful to improve I.F.S particularly with the group summary to show where and how we all fit in. Extremely important self- awareness exercise of not only how I operate but also the impact of my preferences on others. Will be very important to our group dynamics, work quality and efficiency.
    Paul Sharkey, Intralink Financial Services, Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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