Collaborative Case Studies

When your clients tell the story of your engagement and the solutions provided, your credibility soars. Client interview-based case studies are compiled in collaboration with your clients to showcase the benefits of doing business with you and credible, evidenced based marketing material is the result.

Consultation: First, we work with you to understand the services and/or products you provided – particularly the Return on Investment (ROI) and anything you particularly want included in the case study.

Collaboration: We engage with your clients as 3rd party conversational interview specialists to produce a 1-2 page document to tell the story of their experience with your business in their words and sometimes also pictures.

What are the benefits & value to you?

  1. Loyal customers! Customers who collaborate with us in the Case Study interview process are fully aware that they are helping you. By participating in our engaging process, they are partnering with you. This is what a win-win partnership is all about and it works to cement loyalty.
  2. Social Proof! When your customers tell their story about the solution your business provided, that’s powerful testimony to your work. You can use your Collaborative Case Studies to back up your claims because you have authentic, credible and indisputable evidence that highlights their ROI.
  3. Professional customer retention and loyalty strategists interviewing your customers and working in your best interests – always
  4. You are top-of-mind and one-of-a-kind with your customers throughout the process. This leads to repeat business and referral opportunities.
  5. Marketing Collateral! Collaborative case studies fall into the category of word of mouth marketing and that’s the most powerful of all. You can include these case studies in proposals and tenders with the assurance of having your customer’s authorisation to do so.

See some examples: We thank our client partners for their permission to showcase their Collaborative Case Studies.
*Please note that our clients have received written permission to use their Case Studies in their marketing and business communication. It is our pleasure to also support our clients and their marketing initiatives wherever we can.

Client Interview based – Case Studies Examples

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