Just Brilliant Testimonials – BTs®

Testimonials are brilliant when they are authentic, credible, fully attributed and support your claims!
When you need word of mouth on steroids, these are the ultimate in marketing collateral for your website, tender documents, marketing and proposals.

Three questions

  1. Has a customer ever promised you a testimonial – but it never arrived and you feel uncomfortable chasing it up?
  2. Have you ever received a testimonial – but it’s just not good enough to share?
  3. Has a customer ever responded to your request for a testimonial with “you write it, I’ll sign it” – but your integrity prevents you from doing it?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, our Just Brilliant Testimonials – BTs® service could be just what you’re looking for!
Consultation: First, we work with you to understand the services and/or products you provided – particularly the Return on Investment (ROI) and anything you particularly want included in the testimonial.
Collaboration: We engage with your customers as 3rd party conversational interview specialists to produce a draft document to tell the story of their experience with your business, in their words. When they’re happy with it, they sign it off and approve it for your use with their full attribution!

What are the benefits & value to you?

  1. Marketing collateral you can use to refresh your website, support proposals and tenders and enhance your brand. We can even weave your search terms into your BTs® for you.
  2. Loyal Customers: When customers collaborate with us for a great testimonial for you they are partnering with you. This is what a win-win relationship is all about and it works to cement loyalty. This leads to repeat business and referral opportunities
  3. Social Proof: When your customers tell their story about the solution your business provided, that’s powerful testimony to your work. You can use your BTs® to back up your claims because you have authentic, credible and indisputable evidence that highlights their ROI. BTs® highlight your differentiators!
  4. Increase profits: Research confirms BTs® to be supercharged marketing collateral and acknowledges their potential for businesses to double or even triple their results.
  5. Professional customer retention and loyalty strategists interviewing your customers and working in your best interests – always.

“See some examples of Brilliant Testimonials in our BTs® Showcase!”
We thank our client partners for their permission to showcase their BTs®

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