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Brilliant Testimonials – BTs® Examples

The BTs® in this showcase have all been produced in collaboration and consultation with customers of our clients. We are delighted they have authorised us to showcase them and both thank and congratulate our clients on their BTs®

You will see that examples in this showcase are content extensive. This enables our clients to use relevant excerpts to support their claims in their marketing material and proposals, for example. The full testimonial can be particularly useful as supporting documentation in the appendices section for tenders.
“We included testimonials developed collaboratively between Leading Matters and our clients in a recent proposal for new business. It’s fair to say that these BTs® were instrumental in us winning the $.75M project. BTs® enable our clients to provide us with proof that we are able to deliver what we say we can.” Peter Linton, General Manager, LogicalTech Systalk, Melbourne VIC.

*Please note that our clients have received written permission to use their BTs® in their marketing and business communication. It is our pleasure to also support our clients and their marketing initiatives wherever we can.

BTs® Showcase

  • RXP Services

    As a professional Project Director, my role at CPA has been simple in its goal but complex to enact. CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with a membership of more than 144,000 finance, accounting and business professionals in 127 countries across the globe. Known for being the world’s best member service organisation, CPA Australia recently developed its Member First Program further demonstrating its best practice online services to its members.
    As the contracted specialist Program Director, my task was to ensure the successful and timely delivery of the program. This meant I had to have the best team for the job and my Delivery partners of choice were RXP Services. With a team lead by Shane Baude, my Delivery Manager of choice, the only regret I have is that I didn’t find them earlier. We wouldn’t have made it to “go live” on time without them.
    In my role, my first and greatest need is trust. I have to be able to rely on our vendors 100% and that’s what I got with RXP Services. Understanding of what it takes to work on a project – total response at any time is part and parcel of the job. RXP Services are totally committed and have worked weekends and over-time to ensure we were on time with our commitments. I knew they were giving me their best estimates always based on their experience and knowledge.
    If you need to get a project delivered there’s no better company to work with. Calling RXP would be the first call I’d make.”
    Andrew Tinkler; Contracted Program Director, Member First Program, CPA Australia. Headquarters, Hampton, VIC 3188.

  • Creativa

    If you’re looking for a video provider, your search is over!
    I know it’s a cliché and may sound condescending, but we honestly thought about buying this business – they’re that good.
    From the first time I stepped into their reception it just felt right and the first class experience continued to the day the video was completed and as we approach new projects together. Creativa listen because they want to truly understand your objective and workshop precise solutions that simply work. They literally ooze passion and they work for us as if they were a part of us. The actual video they created exceeded our expectations and changed our perception of what video was and could be for our business. The video Creativa created was exactly what we needed to launch our new printing site, the concept was first class with a punchy soundtrack that hit the mark. The feedback from our Customers and other agencies has been incredible and it has directly created business momentum. A picture tells a thousand words and our video makes them succinct, compelling and meaningful. They do everything they say they will and deliver to deadlines with excellence. They are completely reliable, responsible and especially creative. I can’t recommend Creativa more highly – they will like me make you look great!”
    Andrew Gasper, Sales & Marketing Manager, Hannanprint, Noble Park VIC 3174

  • Consistent Results

    As a Principal Consultant and Sales Director, I was seeking to find an external sales company with the necessary expertise to contribute to our own internal sales team…”Read more. We would normally do our own in-house training and have never used external consultants before being referred to Consistent Results to deliver Brian Tracy’s Consultative Selling Program. Our team was keen to get an external perspective of sales to inform their broad views and understanding of sales at an executive level and Consistent Results ensured this was achieved.
    Martin Coyle is the managing director of the company and on meeting with him, it was clear Consistent Results would be a good fit for us as a B2B enterprise. Martin has a good solid understanding of the technical sales cycle, stakeholder management and running teams. Most importantly, he understood our business and our needs.
    The product delivered by Consistent Results is easy to understand for the corporate sales market and we liked the way they deliver the training to bring it to life. Martin spent the time to understand our challenges and his program was effective and bespoke for us and our needs rather than an off-the shelf program.
    In a short space of time we have seen that that the sales team members are asking better questions; seem happier, more focused and are consultative in their approach to sales. I have no hesitation in recommending Consistent Results. If you want a B2B sales consultant’s expertise, Martin is your man.
    Jarrod Nation, Principal Consultant, Learning, Talent2 Education, St Kilda, Victoria 3182

  • Preston Hire

    We use Preston Hire on all our special projects because they’re there when we need them. Their performance is excellent – totally responsive and I never have to wait. If they haven’t got a product they’ll help you out and even tell you where you can get it from. There is nothing I don’t like about Preston Hire. We’ve never had a problem in 3-4 years we’ve used them. Most recently we had a very large project for one of our clients on the Yarra River. The job went for 41 days we needed to work across the busiest bike path along the river and ensure that over that period of time push bike riders would retain their access. A major provider in the industry came up with a very costly solution. It involved fences and laying bitumen because they said a bridge couldn’t be done. Preston Hire came up with a 54M bridge design which was a better, more effective than the major provider – and saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. They erected the bridge overnight and if we’d done what the other provider had proposed it would have taken 5-6 days to do. Plus, the bridge was dismantled in just 6 hours! The time and money saved by using Preston’s bridge design and ingenuity was astounding.
    Preston’s bridge was a temporary solution erected to provide safe access for around 570 thousand bikes that use the path morning and night over 41 days and there was not one single incident. It wasn’t even a permanent fixture but its safety was second to none. That means it was a 100% reliable solution for us and therefore our client!
    Now, especially after the bridge, I can simply run anything and Preston Hire because I know that they have the capacity to come up with excellent solutions if they possibly can. For Preston Hire, the safety of people is as important to them as it is for us and their cost effective design solutions can save both us, and our clients, many thousands of dollars.”
    Pat Torre, Site Foreman/Yard Manager, Daly Construction, Laverton North, VIC 3026

  • NewSat Limited

    I was seeking communication coverage in Afghanistan for the US Military and found there was no inexpensive way to go about it out of Europe so I decided to investigate the possibilities of satellite services from the West. My investigations led me to discover NewSat with their teleports in Perth and Adelaide.” Within two hours of receiving my enquiry, they contacted me and within a week their Dallas based Director came to see me and we started our business development plan from then.
    “What keeps me saying “yes” to NewSat is because in addition to the fact that they continue to provide me with sound value propositions, they meet my three critical requirements for a brilliant business partnership:
    Ability to provide creative solutions; Teamwork; Price
    1. They consistently provide creative engineering solutions based on their very deft engineering capability. I just don’t have problems with the link budget and they’re very quick and accurate with their design solutions. I don’t need to be directive – I simply give them the brief and I know they understand our needs and will do whatever it takes to reach a positive outcome.
    2. Their teamwork is outstanding on all levels and results in everyone being a winner. My customers and all the stakeholders involved in the partnership between ProActive Communications and NewSat benefit because of the relationship and the cultural fit and trust between us. I feel I am more than a customer – I’m a member of their team. Our values are completely aligned and I’m proud to be associated with NewSat. I enjoy the referral reciprocity that enables us to mutually support each other’s business growth and development.
    3. Despite the fact that prices have become more competitive in the market, NewSat is responsive and continues to provide the value proposition to meet our needs. I’m willing to pay a premium because I know I’m getting the best possible solutions. Our customers are totally reliant on us for satellite communications and meeting their needs in their difficult and dangerous environment is a paramount consideration. In addition, I can directly attribute a sizeable impact on our business to having NewSat as our business partners. They have provided the capacity for our growth and I’m able to do about $10M because of their solutions.
    Marc LeGare, Managing Director, Proactive Communications, Inc. Killeen, Texas USA, 76542

  • Evolve IS

    There’s a lot to recommend when it comes to Evolve including the fact that they are a highly skilled group, great to deal with and we can trust them because they’ve looked after us from the time they partnered with us. Everything we’ve done with them has met our needs and improved business processes and therefore the bottom line for us. There’s usually little re-work required and that makes the process cost effective and efficient.
    One system that Evolve have built for us, the creditor invoice checking application, is in its final testing stages and it’s looking better than good. For example, it has will picked up about $60K in pricing issues in just one year, from just one supplier. The application is designed to ensure that any errors are picked up and the return on investment over time is huge. The program is invaluable because it makes sure we get what we pay for and pay for what we get – error free for both parties! The invoice line item variances are small amounts – sometimes just .50c, but we spend several million dollars with these suppliers each year and it is impossible to check manually.
    Damien Davies, IT Manager, Higgins Coatings, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

  • The Loyalty Zone

    The Loyalty Zone was recommended and I am glad they were! Their survey process stood out as it was differentiated to anything else I’ve seen and it’s much better for us than programs like mystery shopping. The team at The Loyalty Zone are friendly and fast to get back to us and their support people are exceptional. They’re open-minded to improving the process and tailoring it to our needs. The response from our stores has been outstanding in terms of the response they’re getting from our customers and the value teams get from the action plans are great.
    What’s been fantastic for me is that I have a lot of balls to juggle and The Loyalty Zone recognise that for us to maximise the benefits of their process, the results need to flow down to our stores in the most efficient way possible. They take the responsibility to work directly with the State and Regional managers to work through each of their individual cases and ensure their understanding of the process and the results. They work with our staff to maximise the benefits for us in terms of continuous improvement. The Loyalty Zone are responsive to anything I raise and that’s critical for me.
    The Loyalty Zone has my unreserved recommendation. The information you get back is invaluable and when you use it for improvement that’s when you see the benefit. You have to embrace the program to get the benefits – which are terrific. Getting the data is good to know, using the data is what you need to do. The Loyalty Zone get you the data you need to improve.”
    Peter Lane, National Operations Manager, Chemmart Pharmacy, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4108

  • Strata PNA Architects

    I am happy to talk about Strata PNA Architects on the basis of my experience in working with them over many years. They have consistently demonstrated professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness. There are no issues with their documentation which is thorough and variations are seldom required. They work co-operatively and consultatively with us, with the relationship being an important approach to the way they operate. There are always issues in this kind of work however Strata PNA resolve these immediately and professionally. Their service is consistent and their collaborative approach ensures teamwork and underpins the professional relationship which is based on mutual respect. They are a highly professional office with a successful track record in delivering projects and that provides the foundation for my confidence. They stick to agreements, budgets and meet timeframes according to our requirements. Patrick Ng, the director of Strata PNA takes responsibility for the project and I know I am going to get the benefit of working with Strata PNA as our primary team who will see a project through from beginning to end.
    Georgia Fine, Executive Manager, Building & Property Department, Country Fire Authority, VIC 3151

  • Commercial Industrial Painting Services – CIPs

    We selected Commercial Industrial Painting Services because their tender was within our budget and because of their willingness to work within the site constraints that we had. I’m glad we went with Commercial Industrial Painting Services because they made the job easy for me. As the project manager I have many areas to oversee and working with Commercial Industrial Painting Services was made easy because nothing was too hard for them. Every task was completed without a fuss and it was also well executed.
    They offer a good value for money services; they’re easy to get on with, responsive, helpful and professional. Commercial Industrial Painting Services help make a difference to our bottom line because things are done on time and they worked with us flexibly to ensure our project conditions and requirements were met.
    Ivan Fratric, Project Manager, Cut and Fill, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067

  • Direct Management

    Having Direct Management providing the solution to our administration requirements is like having struck gold. No one can be good at all areas of a business and with administration not being my strongest point, I needed someone I could really trust working in our business. I’ve spoken to a number of professional administration service providers but it was Diane Lucas, the Director of Direct Management, who won my confidence.
    Direct Management has absolutely filled the void we had in administration. Diane is professional disciplined, organised and efficient. She’s completely on the ball and trustworthy and I’d recommend her and her business 100%. Her resourcefulness across all areas of business is exceptional.
    Engaging Direct Management’s services just four hours a fortnight has freed me up to work on my business. Our turnover has increased by 20% simply because I have an extra day available to me now. That’s a fantastic return on investment in anyone’s books!
    There are considerable benefits of having Direct Management working with us on the administration of our business. Diane has ensured I am up to date with all my paper work sorted out and properly organised. We’re 90% more efficient and organised as a direct result of Direct Management and we regard Diane as an essential part of our team.
    Peter Solari, Director, MightyMo Leisure Pty Ltd, Narre Warren, VIC 3805

  • Analytical Systems – Respak

    The biggest thing restaurants struggle with is booking errors and these kinds of errors have a huge impact on the bottom line for any restaurant. The Analytical Systems product Respak, provides the number 1 state of the art system that eliminates the margin for error when it comes to bookings. The whole system is user friendly and it simplifies everything about reservations. We use Respak across two independent businesses and with this brilliant system, we have a combined process to take and manage reservations for both venues – all from the one location. I first met Analytical Systems at my previous position when they presented the Respak system to us. It was ground breaking and no other systems came close to doing what Respak could do – especially in a busy environment. I could see it was a sign of the times and I was very impressed with both the system and the professionalism of the company. After experiencing Respak, I knew I couldn’t live without the system so when setting up a new business, using Respak was an obvious choice because it’s brilliant and it’s a proven product. Respak is so important for us that when we recently advertised for administration positions, we stated in the ad that Respak operators were preferred. One day I’d like to see everyone in the hospitality industry using Respak.
    Analytical Systems are always responsive and there to provide any support I need. They will walk me through things and their follow up is excellent. I feel they want me to succeed and that they care that I do. The entire team is good across the board and I can access who I need very easily.
    I’m a raving fan of Respak and the team at Analytical Systems. With their product, we can’t go wrong because we don’t make costly mistakes. It makes managing our businesses so much easier and, most importantly, helps ensure our customers are happy too.
    Shelley Kinnersley, Events & Marketing Manager, MoMo Restaurant and Spice Market, Lower Plaza Level, 123 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

  • Reactive

    Reactive’s initial proposal stood out from the crowd and now that our website is live, it is evident they have delivered exactly what they promised. Our experience of working with Reactive has been positive and I recommend them to anyone looking to improve or completely overhaul their web presence. We now have the edge over our competitors and that is exactly the outcome we wanted.” Read more…
    Simon Hunter, Online Marketing Manager, NEC Australia Pty Ltd, VIC 3170
    “Reactive is an agency that can be relied on to deliver a polished end product and you can be confident they have the knowledge, expertise and experience to support every stage of the process. Reactive offers a comprehensive spectrum of services – design, content, strategy, usability, testing and technical expertise. There are very few agencies who offer this.
    Our experience of working with Reactive has been positive and I recommend them to anyone looking to improve or completely overhaul their web presence. We now have the edge over our competitors and that is exactly the outcome we wanted.”
    Simon Hunter, Online Marketing Manager, NEC Australia Pty Ltd, VIC 3170

  • Michael Stout – ActionCOACH

    After a two hour meeting with Michael Stout we knew he could help us with our business. Our business is printing and manufacturing and while rewarding, it can be tough. Michael had a proven process to help make us be more accountable and to put in place what we needed to run a good business. In just over the 13 months Michael has worked with us, he has inspired us and we have achieved things I’d never have thought we could achieve. The result has been at least a 10% improvement in our bottom line that we can say was the direct result of working with Michael as our business coach and that was during economically hard times!
    Michael always makes us feel we can do what it takes to make a good business better and he offers us great ideas. He’s really been inspirational for us – especially when things were a bit low. Michael is a good friend and confidant, always listening and considering our needs. He follows up on everything and keeps us in mind, often coming back to us after thoughtful consideration of the best options for us. We feel we’re important to him – not just because of the monthly fee but because he genuinely cares. Every time we reach a target, he’s celebrated with us. He’s goal orientated and made us see how important setting and then celebrating the achievement of those goals is. He even remembers our birthdays!
    I’ve spoken to others who use Michael and we’re all treated individually and not just given a template to follow. He works with people in their business and he genuinely cares about each business and the people in it. It’s refreshing!
    I’m happy to recommend Michael Stout. He is a great person who cares about us and our families and I’d encourage anyone to listen to him. It’s the best two hours you could spend just to hear him explain how he can help your business. We’re still using Michael and have the utmost confidence in him and his ability as our business coach. Working with Michael has benefitted both us as people and our business.”
    Heath Cole, Partner, Oxford Printery, Fitzmaurice St., Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650

  • BeeSafe Essential Services

    After seeing the quality of work for another contractor, we contracted BeeSafe Essential Services as our preferred electricians and they have never let us down. I can ring them at any time and they’re totally responsive. They are usually on site within an hour and sometimes even in half an hour! They’re central to all our campuses and I know I can trust and rely on them to go and repair to the highest standard and then feedback and report on any issues we might have.” “Our clients are our staff and students and when there are electrical problems it inhibits both teaching and learning so we need to be confident that problems will be rectified as soon as possible. We have that level of confidence with BeeSafe Essential Services.
    We feel they make us their priority and we appreciate their honesty in their dealings with us. Their rates are reasonable and within the industry awards and I particularly like the fact that they employ apprentices. We can see that at Bee Safe the young people are well trained and it’s important to the industry that apprentices have the opportunity to work with companies who set high standards and provide an excellent example.
    The whole team at BeeSafe Essential Services are nice people to get along with being both friendly and professional and we know they consider us as valued clients of theirs.
    We value the relationship with them because they do the right thing by us.
    I would recommend BeeSafe Essential Services because they’re a good professional company, they adhere to all safety regulations which is critical for us and they have never let us down.”
    Glenn Oxley, Campus Facilities Manager, Victoria University, Footscray, VIC 3011

  • Gunn & McConville Pharamcy

    It is imperative for the safety, care and wellbeing of our residents that the service provider supplying our facility is nothing short of excellent in their provision of pharmacy services. Gunn & McConville Pharmacy came highly recommended to us at LLPrimelife Bayside Hostel and, after experiencing their outstanding service, I understand why and I am pleased to endorse them as our preferred pharmaceutical provider. As caregivers we cannot sustain any form of non-compliance within medication management or compromise care in any way. This is an important factor in searching for the right pharmacy to compliment our needs in the aged care industry.
    When Gunn & McConville Pharmacy arrived to present their service provision package to us, they immediately impressed us with their enthusiasm and willingness to adhere to very strict guidelines in regards to the correct and safe management of medication. Gideon Gunn and David McConville represent a personable and professional pharmacy and their preparation for the relationship was outstanding. They guaranteed excellence and this is what we have received.
    Gunn & McConville pharmacy provide a diverse service that helps maximise our care for our residents. In addition to supplying and delivering medication, they complete chart audits, monitor medication, provide assistance to staff as well as training and education on request. The most significant and much appreciated service from the team at Gunn and McConville is they are always accessible and willing and prepared to assist us at any time we require their services, including out of hours. Their service is exemplary and they are committed to never letting us down. The strength of the entire team at Gunn & McConville Pharmacy is of the highest standard – they all have the same ethos and values, and we are delighted to have them as our pharmacy partners within our residential aged care facility . We thank them for their commitment and dedication to providing us with a service that is prepared to always go above and beyond our expectations.
    Leah Bisiani, Facility Manager, Bayside Hostel – Lend Lease Primelife, Mordialloc, VIC 3195

  • Anthony Furr Software – AFS

    Structural Toolkit by Anthony Furr Software provides an excellent solution for us and definitely saves us a great deal of both time and money. It eliminates margins for errors and most computations are compiled into a one-page computation which is iterative. I used to write my own spreadsheets to carry out the computations needed for structural design and it was both time consuming and I knew there had to be a better way. I was looking for a windows based application to help our structural engineers concentrate on the projects they were working on and cut down the huge amount of time they need to spend on computations.
    Structural Toolkit by Anthony Furr Software provides an excellent solution for us and definitely saves us a great deal of both time and money. It eliminates margins for errors and most computations are compiled into a one-page computation which is iterative. This means that engineers can make even the smallest required changes and the program simply automatically updates ensuring all computations remain correct.
    About 90% of hand computations in our office are carried out by our engineers using Structural Tool Kit. One program does it all and hand computations are a thing of the past. It has wide applications all in one package, shows every step of the process and covers timber, steel and concrete. Structural Toolkit is a basic tool which has become a necessity. It’s the smart engineer’s good friend.
    As the software designers of Structural Toolkit, AFS provide us with updates for the software to ensure we are fully compliant with the current Australian Standards. To have this service from a company we can rely on and trust is a great help to us and I am happy to recommend both the company and their product.
    A’pillai Ramesh Senior Associate, Barry Gale Engineers, Yarra Bank Hwy, Southbank, VIC 3006

  • ActionCOACH – David Guest

    The impact of Action Coaching and David on my life, family and business is large. My gross profit increased by 400% in 12 months. I’ve changed how I think about work. I now make my good ideas happen and have started a whole new line of business that has documentation, a marketing strategy and training is priced at its true market value. I was very dissatisfied with my business and life. I needed help. When I met David Guest he was calm and clear about what Action Coach could offer my business. He made sense and did not try to sell me anything. David Guest is a trusted sounding board so I feel supported. We work well together because I’ll give it a go and he gives me structures and systems that have turned my business into a successful business and allowed me to achieve personal goals too. His follow-up keeps the momentum and holds me accountable.
    He offers a completely different experience that has trained me to think about how I use my time and what I do in the business. The impact of Action Coaching and David on my life, family and business is large. My gross profit increased by 400% in 12 months. I’ve changed how I think about work. I now make my good ideas happen and have started a whole new line of business that has documentation, a marketing strategy and training is priced at its true market value. I would have not done this without David. Now I enjoy going to work, I enjoy our customers and I enjoy going home.
    Simon Gishus, Owner, Nizpro Turbocharging, Barry St, Bayswater, Victoria, 3153

  • Alpha Copiers

    Production within the film and television industry can be highly demanding. Alpha Copiers helps reduce the stress by providing reliable, responsive and flexible copying solutions. The turnaround time with Alpha Copiers is very good and the fact that we can contact them out of hours and have a resolution first thing the next morning is a definite benefit. As the owner of Alpha Copiers, Joe Spiteri understands the pressures of the industry and we can rely on him to do everything he can to make things work for us. Joe’s experience in the industry and the flexible rental periods make using them an easy choice. From just one or two months to several years, the solution is tailored to fit our needs.
    The price is reasonable and includes any and all servicing for the duration of the project. I am often asked for my recommendations and I am always happy to recommend Alpha Copiers for all of the reasons above.”
    Geoff Wilkie, Production Coordinator, Channel Seven, “City Homicide” South. Melbourne, VIC 3205

  • ActionCOACH – Lex Tannenbaum

    If you don’t want to grow, don’t bother getting Lex as your coach because if you do, growth is unavoidable. As business partners we were both impressed from the first time we met Lex Tannenbaum. We were offered an obligation free hour to discuss how satisfied we were with our business and our own work life/ balance. We felt very comfortable chatting with him and found him to be very open, honest and personable. He wasn’t afraid to give his honest analysis of where we were at. We knew we needed to hear it but Lex delivered the challenging stuff we had to face in a very professional way.
    There were parts of the business we were dissatisfied with and Lex felt he could give us the tools to fix it ourselves. There was no pressure and it was a very effective way for us to see the benefits. Lex has a better than average grasp on the pharmacy business and this was another one of the clinchers for us.
    We’re glad we made the decision to go with Lex because it allowed us to make goals and structure the business in a way that was less stressful for ourselves and also for our staff. Coaching allowed both of us the formal time and the structure to focus on the business. It’s also a great forum to raise some of the difficult issues which can be confronting for just the two of us trying to work things out.
    Lex has extraordinary experience in business – especially big business and to be able to draw on that is a big advantage for us.
    We would definitely recommend Lex. He is supportive, very astute and is the perfect person to sit down and talk with about the direction you want to head and he will keep you on track to get there. He looks after us as individual people too and nothing is done at the expense of personal balance.
    We are able to quantify the effects and results of having worked with Lex as the figures show improvement in all areas with approximately a 10% growth in sales and profit. We can attribute a significant amount of this directly to our work with Lex. He’s given us the smarts to grow without fear of loss of quality of life. The first thing Lex did was structure our organisation to free us up to work on the business.
    If you don’t want to grow, don’t bother getting Lex as your coach because if you do, growth is unavoidable.”
    Gideon Gunn & David McConville, Gunn & McConville Pharmacy, Balwyn North VIC 3104

  • Luus Industries

    Making sure our customers receive products that offer value for money and good quality is important to us. Luus Commercial Cooking Equipment is attractive to the vast majority who are on a budget but who want good equipment and good back up service too. The fact that Luus equipment is made in Australia is a significant advantage because their product is available for our customers to touch and feel in our showroom. Providing the opportunity for customers to experience Luus equipment hands on does help make the product easy to sell. Luus equipment looks solid, rugged, functional and easy to use and it is. The service provided by Luus is very good and we are happy to endorse both their product and them as a service orientated company.
    David Hayes, Operations Manager, Commercial Kitchen Company, Bundall, Gold Coast, QLD 4217

  • Balloonaversal

    Our Pet Expo started 14 years ago as a way to promote responsible animal welfare in the community. Balloonaversal have been part of the success of our expo every year since they first came in 2001. We invite them back every year because of the value they add to our event. They make everything bright, colourful, cheery and fun and the kids love them. They make the whole event a happy place to be. Balloonaversal help us promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership to the kids by the way they treat the animals that are part of their stage show including ponies.
    Balloonaversal provide a premium act and offers us great value for money. They involve children in their fun with pony rides, face painting, funny antics and good humour. Nicknamed “Mrs Balloonatic” and dressed in a colourful costume, Michelle is a lot of fun and makes the kids laugh while Mr Balloonatic is a balloonist dressed as a pirate who makes pets out of balloons for the kids! Balloonaversal have what it takes to delight the crowd and make our event a happy place to be. The fact that they’re really nice friendly people to deal with is just another reason I’d recommend them.”
    Vin Molony, Senior Ranger, Nillumbik Shire Council Greensborough, VIC 3089

  • Whiteside Homes

    We first observed the work of Whiteside Homes when they renovated our neighbour’s property. Their work appeared to be very neat, clean and tidy. When we contacted them to discuss our needs we found Heath easy to get along with and we felt he understood what we were after. The workmanship was very good and we were particularly impressed with the tiler and the floor sander who both did an excellent job and we ended up with a great finish. The workers were conscientious about cleaning up after themselves and that was very important to us because we were still living in the house while the renovation work was going on. We ended up with what we were looking for and we are happy with the end result.
    Andrew Wilson, Business and Home Owner – Elwood Vic 3184

  • easy I.T

    When we first met Jeremy from easy I.T many years ago, we found him, his services and how he operated to be very professional. He was a good communicator and he knew what he was talking about. easyI.T’s quick response time is the most important thing to us. They provide solutions that work and solve our problems. Some time ago we had to replace our server and easy I.T managed to seamlessly transfer everything over to the new server for us. If we have any problems now, they log in and attend to them remotely.
    easy I.T has:

    • solved our problems with SPAM emails
    • installed solutions for backing up our valuable data
    • enabled our system to cope with electricity supply disruptions
    • ensured complete protection from viruses.

    Our systems are now reliable and hassle-free and we know they work, because they have been tested. With easy I.T we feel we have no reason to use anyone else.
    Daniel Levy – Principal, Greenfields Financial Services Lawyers, Melbourne, VIC. 3000

  • ActionCOACH – Tim Greig

    “I didn’t think I needed a coach until I met Tim Greig. Since having Tim on board, I’m more accountable, making the most out of my business and making the most out of my ideas. As a result of working with Tim, I see a growth in the business in terms of my improved ability to manage projects and we are more effective overall as a business.
    Tim’s experience has helped bring a lot of structure to the business and looking back, things were chaotic before he started as my business coach. Tim doesn’t beat about the bush, his straightforward, structured approach has kept me in check and been helpful when implementing systems into my business practices. I’m always full of ideas and I appreciate the way Tim keeps me down to earth, supports me to raise the ideas with him and helps me work out which ones are worth pursuing. I’d be happy to recommend Tim to anyone who needs a business coach!”
    Heath Whiteside, Whiteside Homes, Braeside, VIC 3195